Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Please talk to your children about the dangers of Helium!

My husband and I lost our 14 year-old daughter on Saturday to Helium Inhalation. She was the sweetest, most responsible, loving child you could ever meet.  She went to a party and had a mask placed on her face when she did not want to participate and died from helium inhalation. Her friends did not know about the dangerous effects of helium. We are making it our goal to educate anyone we can find about the terrors of this party event. Don't let your children fall victim to this.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Okay, so to start with the lists. What is it that I want to start with.

  • Garden Plan
  • Home school Plan
  • Menu Plan
  • Daily Schedule for the Kids
  • Daily Schedule for me
  • Organization
  • House projects
  • .......
As I get these lists made, I will link to the list :o)

So what am I going to do? Planning, scheduling, and organizing...

I am working towards a more healthy lifestyle in the sense of what we eat, what we learn, what we believe, and what we do.  Unless someone out there in the blog world is planning to come over and get my life in order for me, I know this will be a lengthy process. I plan to make lists and goals and let everyone know what I am doing to work towards those goals.

A little about me. I am a SAHM of 3 beautiful little girls. Rose is 1 years old, Daffodil is 2 years old, and Sunflower is 3 1/2 years old. I am planning a green, sustainable, homeschooling, homestead life. I am trying to teach myself how to grow and raise as much of my own food as possible, home school, and crafting for fun and hopefully for profit. At this time, we have no true schedule and no routine and it is driving us all bonkers!

Please join me in my process of going from chaos to peace and organization (or so I hope!) Comments and suggestions are welcome! I would love it if others would join me in organizing their life so we can share our trials and tribulations.